In my article “7 rules for great web interface design” I spoke briefly about the importance of gathering the content before wireframing anything in order to design great web interfaces.

Gathering content from stakeholders is hard

I am aware that in some projects, collecting the content from stakeholders is complicated. In fact, they are often too busy or unaware that content is an essential piece for the designer to create a layout that addresses their business goals and user needs.

In this article, I will give you 7 tips to help you create a content outline whenever you fail to receive any text from the beginning…

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When you work on a website or on the design of web pages, remember that their success is not determined by the beauty of their visual style. In fact, in his article “10 Principles Of Good Website Design”, Vitaly Friedman stated:

“Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site.”

— Vitaly Friedman

The problem

Sadly, many designers concentrate their efforts on designing trendy user interfaces without considering the audience and goals. As a result, they create interfaces that are complex, sometimes unrealistic and inappropriate.

This article attempts to address this problem by describing 7

In my first article “Great interfaces are made of good typography”, I explained some principles to master in order to create digital interfaces which communicate effectively with good working typography. In addition to that, my other article “How art direction will help you create masterful web interfaces” shed some light on how the choice of typefaces can influence the art-direction and the personality of a website and, therefore it’s brand. In the present article, I will show you how to pair typefaces successfully in order to create a feel and add personality to your designs.

In fact, when combined properly…

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The importance of Art Direction

Although they might understand some its aspects like typography, art direction is a practice that is often neglected and little understood by designers. On typography, you may have read our article “Great interfaces are made of good typography” published on Medium last year. Back then, we sought to explain how using the right typography can help good designers capture an organisation’s style and translate it into a website, thereby provoking deep emotions within users. Art direction is that, plus the management of many other components of design and it leads to great compositions.

The fact that art direction is little…

Start by defining a strategy and clear goals

Whether you are designing for the first time or redesign a website, app or system, you are undertaking a complex task which requires a lot of discipline and clarity throughout. If you do not approach it properly, a project can turn into chaos and require countless hours of design and development to accommodate unnecessary features. In any project in which you work as a UX designer, it is fundamental to start by drafting a solid strategy; this will help you design a solution that both meets business goals and user needs.

At the start of any project, keep in mind…

Digital interfaces make a huge impact in our lives. We frequently use websites or digital applications to accomplish certain goals. Indeed, when interacting with an interface, we are surrounded by typography and our experience is driven by the words and messages we read and understand. In one of his articles, Oliver Reichenstein confirms the importance of typography in all websites with the following statement:

Web Design is 95% Typography.

Over the last couple of years, I decided to learn how typography works, since it’s one of the most important assets we have as designers to communicate clear and efficient messages…

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